“Whence comes a new Sun in the clear heaven again when the Wolf has swallowed the old.”

rune elani holds a phd in literature. he lives in new england.

write to me at ramonelani at gmail dot com




if you find my writing meaningful please consider supporting me on patreon. your help means so much to me and my family!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. greetings! im noel from naga city philippines, an anarchist, community organizer, gardener, artist and adventurist. i maintain greenhouse infoshop project, an anarchist project and a radical space. I really appreciate your post on daoism and anarchism. lately i was practicing the daoist philosophy, i am former philosophy major in my college days, but leave school to find my own path. Yes i am a daoist in the process..an anarchist in action. I hope you can be friends and share stories and philosophies.

    In Solidarity!

    Neither lord, Nor Subject!

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  2. Hello, Ramon:
    I’ve just now “discovered” you—you’re virtual persona, that is, via the Dark Mountain Project. I enjoy your perspective on many topics and sense that we are of similar mind and orientation. If at all interested, you can peruse some of my Ivan Illich-tinged writings at vitalvernacular.com. I would find it gratifying to start some sort of dialogue with you.


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