Pre-order “Wyrd Against the Modern World”

Dear Friends,

My first book “Wyrd Against the Modern World” will be available for purchase this winter. As this first run will be quite limited, please pre-order to ensure that you are able to receive a copy.

The culmination of many years of thinking and writing, “Wyrd Against the Modern World” reflects upon our present moment of unraveling as a time of hierophany, an irruption of the sacred into the world. Through readings of Carl Jung, D.H. Lawrence, Robinson Jeffers, and other critics of modernity, the book argues that the crisis of the modern world is fundamentally a spiritual one.

Advanced Praise:

“A powerful blaze of a book which cuts through predictable ‘environmental’ narratives and gets to the core of the matter – the catastrophic spiritual void at the heart of our world.” -Paul Kingsnorth, founder of the Dark Mountain Project, author of the Man Booker Prize nominated novel The Wake.

Please write me an email at aurelianoramon @ gmail . com if you would like pre-order a copy.

The price is 20.00 USD via paypal or cash/check by mail. I will cover shipping within the United States. International orders will cost 40.00 USD, shipping cost included.

I will respond to emails with more details, including paypal information.

Thank you for your support!

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