Little, Big by John Crowley. Dreams of the inside and out, concentric circles, the lady that lives under the hill, love that burns, the wild city, brambles, a baby made of ice, clouds, a banquet in white, a door in the elbow, a whispering subway corner, a queen with another name, threats of hidden wars, a demagogue, those who refuse to wake, those who awaken, a man made of smoke, a girl for every day, a light that burns at the end of time, and the wisdom of trout.

The Gormenghast novels by Mervyn Peake. Dreams of weight, suffocation, dark corridors, weariness, dust, ruins, a tragic burst of color, torpor, archaic ceremony, rooftops without end, a landscape of slabs, a room full of cats, a galaxy of garrets, bloody resentment, a slap of chains, a pig of billowy sails, a sharp wheel of daggers.

Lud-in-the-Mist by Hope Mirrlees. Dreams of innocence, temptation, sexual fruit, the madness of freedom, things barely remembered, unraveling rationality, the things that lurk among the foothills, dances with hunchbacks, music that frightens, a bell beyond memory, a triumphant parade, a river bearing truth.

The Viriconium novels by M. John Harrison. Dreams of fragmentation, belching farting ghosts, collapse, mutation, stars they made we don’t know why, the ear of the universe, dispersion, entropy, seas of rust, the exhaustion of time, rotting insect wings, the reek of cabbage, forgotten machines, a jolly tomb, terror from the north, the decadence of the Afternoon, a world that melts, an end.

The Worm Ouroboros by E.R. Eddison. Dreams of an opal room, a pretty vase, a voyage to Mercury, virility, righteous slaughter, horrible alchemy, aimless armies searching for each other across the plain, a red Foliot, a helpful martlet, a fateful wrestling fall, an extinguished race, cycles that never end.

The King of Elfland’s Daughter by Lord Dunsany. Dreams of forlorn wandering age, forgetful mist, the madness of the moon, the son the hunter, rolling trolls, a ragged cloak, a world devoured by another, a promise that can’t be broken, the blood of purity, a single horn.

The Deep by John Crowley. Dreams of names, of red and black, the lip of the world, war without end, a massive queen in dark metal, guns made of stone, the wives of the dead, the pounding of rain on the drum skin, a buried father that speaks to his weaker son beneath the rocks, an egg from heaven, a thing that is not and neither, the last house, Leviathan, Leviathan, Leviathan.

Boy in Darkness by Mervyn Peake. Dreams of horror, whiteness, a boy who runs, the cracking of bones between the teeth, explosions of dust, tombstone teeth, a snap of jaws like a gunshot, greasy black coats, tiny hands, a sword passing through wool, unseeing blue eyes, vicious brindled arms, a vile Lamb, a lion’s regal annihilation, a gazelle decaying as it leaps, the persuasion of evil, two old speechless men.

Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath by H.P. Lovecraft. Dreams of feline moon battles, stone doors one does not open, flying things with no faces, merchants with terrifying smiles, faces carved into mountains, a sunset city, a sun within the earth, a pit below the pit, a thing that rustles beneath the bones, crawling, countless descending stairs, an eternal flame.


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