Happy Alfablot!

“A hill there is,” answered she, “not far away from here, where elves have their haunt. Now get you the bull that Cormac killed, and redden the outer side of the hill with its blood, and make a feast for the elves with its flesh. Then thou wilt be healed.” —Cormac’s Saga The crops have … More Happy Alfablot!

The Dreamlike Realm

“This dew-like life will fade away”—Dogen “Truly, to be whole is to return”—Daodejing   The only truth that exists is found deep in the forest, When the rush of the stream, swollen with spring rain, Drowns out the noise of the mind and the human world beyond. The proud, defiant self melts into oblivion, In … More The Dreamlike Realm

In the Milky, Dim Strangeness Lies the Way

“Heaven and earth aren’t humane.”—Daodejing “Faeries dance in the meadow and the leaf-crowned Nacken plays his fiddle in the silvery brook.”—Stagnelius Let us reject the classic anarchist motto “no gods, no masters,” and proudly declare that the Earth and it’s Spirits are our Gods and Masters. By what right does humanity claim its independence from the forces? … More In the Milky, Dim Strangeness Lies the Way